The amazing Eric Feldman (@ericfeldman9) joins us as we talk about his viral videos, the infamous Tami and of course some cringe dating stories. Red f...View Details

It’s Raining FBoys

Sarah is 30 & Andrea is single. Catch up with us on relationship advice, dating apps and our trip to Maui (snorkel report says it's raining f*boys...View Details

This Round’s on Josh

On the season 2 launch, we introduce you to the one and only Natasha Martinez. Former Ms. California, Laker Girl, Host machine, and dancing kween. Vib...View Details


On our season finale episode, we chat it up Music Producer & Moment Creator, Alex Noize. We get the scoop on pandemic dating, laugh at Tinder catf...View Details

People are swiping right out of quarantine and off onto their "dick-cations". Plus, Karens are on the loose! We're talking getting laid post-isolation...View Details

Back From Hiatus

Current events, Cali is in stage brunch monsters & daily fluffer rates...

Our hot take on the Call Her Daddy podcast drama, oh, and also it's Stage 3 of the lockdown in Cali...





Disclaimer, we sound lit during this episode because we were amped up while reminiscing on old photos and sipping Sunset Lemonades (VSC Drink of the W...View Details

California hits phase 2 of reopening but what does that mean? We catch you up on WTF we are watching, WTF we are doing peppered in with personal probl...View Details

Battle of the Break Up

A very special episode with our first ever guests, our roommates, aka our boyfriends. Austin & Danny will answer burning questions such as: Where ...View Details

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